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Ann and Jane in Greenland, summer 2005. Photo taken by brother, Will Barnett.

Jane Drake and Ann Love are a sister writing duo. Together they have published over 35 non-fiction titles for junior/intermediate students. Their first book to hit the bestseller list was The Kids Cottage Book published in 1992. Since then they have written many bestsellers and award winners including Cool Woods: A Trip Around the World's Boreal Forest (2003), The Kids Book of the Night Sky (2004), Snow Amazing: Cool Facts and Warm Tales (2004), and Trash Action: A Fresh Look at Garbage (2006), Sweet! The Delicious Story of Candy (2007), Alien Invaders: Species that Threaten Our World (2008). In 2010 they published two books – Talking Tales: the Incredible Connection Between People and Their Pets and Yes You Can! Your Guide To Becoming An Activist. Ann and Jane have shared a lifelong love of the outdoors enjoying everything from snow shoeing, to camping, bird watching, tree planting and photography. They get along magnificently, except on the tennis court.

Jane lives in Toronto. She and her husband escape the city whenever possible and recharge with weekends of potential sandhill crane and raven sightings, star gazing, gardening and rigorous outdoor exercise. After years of complaining that her daughter’s room was a mess, Jane’s taken over the space for a new home office. It is now ordered chaos. Angus, the dog, makes sure she gets her daily walk. Jane would love to visit Siberia.

Ann lives near King, Ontario. She was a teacher librarian for many years but has retired to concentrate on writing. She is an accomplished artist, enjoying painting watercolors of the wild plants near her home. Ann stalks and patrols at least five bird feeders year round, often dropping the phone on her sister's ear to chase her cat away from the chickadees. Skookum, her pup, insists on several walks a day. Ann would love to visit India.

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