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Rewilding: Giving Nature a Second Chance: 2017

Rewilding: Giving Nature a Second Chance: 2017

It's not too late! The natural world can still be healed.

Rewilding is an important environmental movement to restore habitats to their natural state. By reintroducing native plant species, we also protect the wildlife that depends on them for food. In this comprehensive look at rewilding, the authors present examples from around the world where endangered animals have been returned to their natural habitats. From pandas and peregrine falcons to jaguars and wolves, the stories of these animals testify to the fact that with good management, the extinction of species can be avoided. This book also relates how cities have begun to create new habitats for animals and plants everywhere from tiny rooftop gardens to huge parks on disused land. This timely book filled with striking photos is for anyone who cares about nature and the environment.

Pandemic Survival: It's Why You're Alive: August 2013

Pandemic Survival: It's Why You're Alive is complete with beautiful and gruesome illustrations by Bill Slavin. Pandemic Survival is a lively social history from the point of view of epidemics that have circled the globe -- wreaking havoc, killing billions, challenging science, and changing the world. Anyone reading the book is alive because their ancestors were survivors. Kids will discover why they use soap, drink clean water, and sneeze in their sleeves. And they'll find out what happened to those who didn't know any better!

Researching this book, sisters Ann and Jane dug deep and found their own ancestors survived polio, typhoid, scarlet fever, typhus, and more. And they share a lingering symptom from writing about plagues and pestilence -- the urge to wash hands...

Pandemic Survival: It's Why You're Alive, August 2013
Get Outside: The Kid's Guide to Fun in the Great Outdoors, February 2012

Get Outside: The Kid's Guide to Fun in the Great Outdoors, February 2012

This book is a key to the world of fun beyond the front door. Activities are divided into four categories (Nature Lover, Outdoor Fun and Games, Cozy Inside and Look to the Sky), where readers will find instructions for making things like sundials, bird feeders and kites, as well as rules for games such as 500 Up, Spud and Shinny.

Yes You Can! Your Guide To Becoming An Activist, October 2010

Throughout history, social and political injustice have made their mark on society. Behind the scenes there are people who identified problems, exposed issues and called perpetrators to account. Yes You Can! presents nine steps to social change in an engaging, comprehensive handbook for young adults. From fascinating accounts of the founding of Amnesty International, Pollution Probe, Greenpeace, Save the Children, and the Red Cross to strategies on how to run an effective meeting, write a petition, create a brief and lobby governments, Yes You Can! is an inspiration for every person who is passionate about making the world a better place.

Yes You Can: Your Guide To Becoming An Activist
Talking Tails: The Incredible Connection Between People and Their Pets

Talking Tails: The Incredible Connection Between People and Their Pets, March 2010.

An informative and playful look at the relationship between pets and people through the ages. Did you know?

  • Humans domesticated the first wild animals around 10,500 B.C.
  • Alexander the Great named a captured city after his beloved dog Peritas
  • Julius Caesar had a pet Giraffe
  • Romans added one glass wall to their marble fish tanks to enhance viewing
  • Medieval monks were the first to breed and domesticate rabbits

Alien Invaders: Species That Threaten Our World, March 2008.

Learn about invasive species including humans that have gradually made their way into existing ecosystems, bringing destruction, disease, and chaos. Detailed examples include longtime pest invaders such as cane toads, green crabs and rats and plant destroyers such as purple loosestrife, potato fungus and Dutch elm disease. Alien Invaders provides excellent reading for any young person looking for a unique perspective on environmental disasters, and contains lots of new information.

Alien Invaders: Species That Threaten Our World
Sweet: The Delicious Story of Candy

Sweet! The Delicious Story of Candy, March 2007.

If its sweet, it can be a treat. For thousands of years, the world over, kids have savored sweet renderings of milk, fruit, sugar cane, honey, or sap. Find out what tasty concoctions come from trees, roots, cows or bees. Learn the secrets of candymakers as they work inside temples, at country fairs or in home kitchens. And before you turn each page, read the timeline for the sweet and sour facts of candy history.

Now available in paperback.